Bounty Temple is a slot machine-styled P2EE hypercasual Blockchain game. The objective is to spin a
number of available actions to build your own villages or attack the villages of other players by using a
Bounty Temple Monument (BTM) NFT.

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Step 1

Spin your BTM

Step 2

Attack and Raid villages

Step 3

Build and level up buildings

Step 4

Earn rewards by playing the game or Participating in Guild wars,Events and completing Daily Quests

Daily quest

Quests will be refreshed daily and players are rewarded $GIA for each completed task.

Random Event

Exciting events in game such as Bubble Frenzy and Gold Bonanza will reward players with more chances to earn.

Guild War

Guild wars occur weekly and allow guild members to farm guild materials, which then can be used to craft guild items or sold on the marketplace. Partake in Guild Wars to maintain Culture Points, which helps protect your $GIA earning capabilities.


Pets are in-game companions which can either be obtained through Gacha boxes or crafted using a number of Shards. Level up your pets with pet food - an item that is obtained exclusively through the Referral program, will help increase your pet’s gold multiplier.