Bounty Temple will be the first blockchain game to revolutionise the GameFi ecosystem with a new model: P2EE (Play-to-Earn Evolution). The P2EE model is the world's first solution to the issues presented by the existing P2E model. The P2EE model is designed to address the current issues surrounding blockchain gaming, thus providing a long-term and sustainable gameplay experience.


Barrier Effect

  • When new BTMs are crafted, the player has the option to activate the Barrier Effect, which will be in effect for 75 days
  • When the Barrier Effect is activated, new BTMs will be immune to the Weather Effect, ensuring that earnings are not affected for players with new BTMs

Weather Effect

  • The Weather Effect plays a vital role in ensuring the price stability of $GIA. The algorithm will be activated when the ratio of $GIA minted versus $GIA burned reaches a pre-defined threshold.

User friendly scholarShip ecosystem

HOP System

  • The House of Pluto (HOP) is a system that provides a clear pathway of ascension for Scholars to rise to the rank of Uprising Manager, potentially earning sponsorships from Sponsors.
  • Uprising Managers can grow alongside quality Managers, and become asset owners of a roster of BTMs. They can then accelerate their earnings by renting out these BTMs to Scholars through the Rental System, reaping a percentage of the rewards through $GIA Farming and Crafting.

Scholar Scoring System (SSS)

  • Bounty Temple's Scholar Scoring System (SSS) uses a 5-star rating system to ensure stellar performance from Scholars. Star ratings are automatically calculated using machine-learning.
  • Before becoming Scholars, players will have to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify their accounts. Furthermore, only 1 account is permitted per Scholar, thus preventing systemic abuse or under-performance by Scholars who open multiple accounts.

Rental System

  • Unlike many other P2E games, the Rental System in Bounty Temple is fully automated and can be accessed via the Marketplace.
  • New players who do not own BTMs can rent them to begin playing, and share their profits with the BTM owner. The profit-sharing ratio is determined by the BTM owner, and can be set anywhere from 1%-99%; the total earnings will then be automatically shared and sent to the in-game wallets of all parties.