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Bounty Temple's unique Play-to-Earn-Evolution (P2EE) model is designed to solve the challenges faced by current P2E games. With this, P2EE will introduce the world to a new paradigm of blockchain games.

Kraken Genesis Node (K-Rune)

Be part of our ecosystem and earn long term passive Trait Reward by owning a Kraken
Genesis Node (K-Rune)




Counter Attack



How To Play?

In Bounty Temple, a Bounty Temple Monument (BTM) is a mystical monument that will provide blessings, favor, and rewards to those who have placed faith in them.

  • There are 7 "spinning" options in BTM: Attack, Defend, Steal, Counter Attack, Gold, Mana and $GIA.

  • Players will need to purchase BTMs to play the game.

  • BTMs can be bought at the Marketplace or rented via the Rental System.

Rune owners will receive exclusive Kraken
Membership NFT as proof of ownership

Problems Within Current P2E Models

Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain games have changed the way we play games.
Yet, many have tokenomics that are unsustainable and short-lived.

Volatile Token Price Movements

Privatized Scholar System

Complicated Strategy And Gameplay

Lack  Of   Token-Burning Mechanism

Oversupply  Of  Nfts Over Time

Nerfing  Of  Nfts For “Balancing”

Unequal Rewards For Early Birds VS. Latecomers



(Play-to-Earn Evolution)

Stable Utility Token Price

Using an original algorithm called the Weather Effect, the minting rate of Bounty Temple's in-game utility token will be controlled at market equilibrium.

Centralized Scholar System

Bounty Temple represents a revolution for the scholar and manager ecosystem, featuring automated rental processing, reward sharing, scholar scoring system, KYC verification, and more.

Easy & Fun Gameplay

Simple to pick up and addictive to play, Bounty Temple is a casual player's dream. No steep learning curve, only relaxing and rewarding gameplay.

Robust Token Burning

Bounty Temple's utility token will be used for crafting, upgrading, mini games, events, lottery tickets, academy, e-shop, charity events, and many more.

BTM Burning / Holding Incentives

BTM burning and holding activities will be introduced to counter the gradual oversupply of BTMs

Balanced Starting Game

Bounty Temple features well-designed game mechanics that are balanced from the start and will not include any future gameplay nerfs that will potentially lower our NFT’s value.

Unique Benefits

Bounty temple will feature all of the new and improved benefits of
P2EE, as well as a few others including:

  • Stable Utility Token
  • Unique Staking Rewards
  • Automated Rental System
  • House of Pluto (HOP) Manager System
  • Robust Token-Burning Mechanism
  • Unique Crafting System
  • BTM Barrier Effect & Weather Effect
  • Rewarding Referral System
  • Well-Designed Tokenomics
  • Simple & Relaxing Gameplay
  • Multiple Weekly Tournaments


Q1 & Q2 2022

  • Project concept
  • Design game mechanics
  • Concept art design
  • Litepaper release
  • Community growth
  • Social media presence
  • Influencers onboarding
  • Teaser release
  • Website launch
  • Token Private Pre-Sales

Q3 2022

  • Genesis Node Launch & Sales
  • Genesis Node Smart Contract Audit
  • Game Development (Web/Mobile-app)
  • Token Smart Contract Development
  • Token Smart Contract Audit
  • Marketplace Development
  • Partnerships

Q4 2022

  • Official Trailer Release
  • Crafting Event
  • Closed Alpha Gameplay (Web)


  • Open Beta Gameplay
  • Closed Alpha
    iOS/Android Release
  • Official DEX Release
  • Future Game Content Updates

Our Core Team

Alton Lim

Co Founder

Marco Teo

Chief Strategy Officer

YS Heng

Chief Brand Officer

Cornelius Ee

Chief Technology Officer

Julian Low

Chief Relationship Officer

Eddie Yap

Marketing Lead

Adrian Lim

Brand Lead

Jono Lester

Growth Lead

Jen Lim

Marketing / Operation

Ming Fong Chay

Digital Marketing

Jared Chin


Roxanne Chung

Public Relationship Officer

Jace Chong

Legal Advisor


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator

*team members will be updated periodically

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